Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball being played in London.
Major League Baseball in London. Image courtesy of Chris Trotman/MLB Photos via Getty Images
The Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees brought the greatest MLB rivalry to London.

In 2019, London was proud to host Major League Baseball in the capital.

The Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees, two of the biggest rivals in baseball, battled it out at the London Stadium in June 2019. It was an exciting showcase of the sport and the first of its kind in Europe.

Key results

  • 1 day for tickets to sell out.
  • 118,718 people attended.
  • 14m social media impressions during event week.
  • 194 countries and territories broadcasted the event.

What we did

City co-ordination

We supported the MLB in a number of ways in the lead up to the series, including finding accommodation for teams and staff, activations around the City of London and locations for various events.

Marketing event through digital channels

Following the announcement of the series, we supported the marketing campaign through our Visit London channels reaching out to both domestic and international audiences.

Watch the Major League Baseball London Series highlights:

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