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London's Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and ArcelorMittal Orbit.
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and ArcelorMittal Orbit. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.
London & Partners provides expertise and guidance to help stage major sporting and cultural events.

Our job is to put a spotlight on London. We work with the industry leaders in entertainment, culture and sport to realise world-class events in our capital.

With our contacts, knowledge and vested interest in making London great, we can not only help transform and build new creative visions for events, but give events a voice and presence across the city.

Whether you need help with overcoming key challenges, marketing or an inroad to contacts across the city.

If your event can bring significant economic and social benefits, we are here to help make big things happen in the capital. We know London, so can you!

Working in partnership

At London & Partners, we work in partnership with:

  • The Mayor of London's sports and culture teams
  • National governing bodies
  • International sports federations
  • Cultural institutions and bodies
  • London boroughs
  • Event venues
  • City stakeholders

Together, we strive to win bids and attract new events that resonate globally. We help deliver these major mass-spectator sport and cultural events utilising our cross-city expertise.

At the same time, we support organisers of existing events by helping them to grow their events and reach new audiences.

Our objectives are to attract events which deliver huge economic returns, draw global media exposure for London and generate local community engagement.

This continues to strengthen London’s international reputation as a world-leading and award-winning host city for major events, which in turn allows us to engage with national and international audiences.

How we can help you

We can work in partnership with you to reach out and promote your event internationally.

We do this through our impressive digital consumer channels at, organically grown event database and connections within the industry.

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